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  Back at One 梦想成真


  Its 1)undeniable that we should be together 不可否认,我们将会厮守在一起。

  Its unbeleivable how I used to say 无法相信,

  2)That I'll fall never 我一直以为我不会再坠入爱河。

  The basis you need to know 你要知道, 那么就让我来告诉你,

  If you don't know just how I feel 如果你不了解此刻我的感受,

  Then 3)let me show 那么就让我来告诉你,

  You know that I'm 4)for real 你知道我对你是认真的。

  If all things 5)in time 如果一切迟早要到来,

  Time will reveal 时间就是最好的证明。

  6)One you're like a dream come true 一,你就像美梦成真,

  Two just want to be with you 二,就是想和你厮守。

  Three girl it's plain to see 三,很明显,

  That you're the only one for me 你就是我的唯一。

  Four repeat steps one 7)through three 四,这三种感受越来越深刻。

  Five, make you fall in love with me 五, 要你与我共坠爱河。

  If ever I beleive my 8)work is done 如果我能做到,

  Then I'll 8)start it back at one 我的美梦就能成真。

  It's so incredible 真是令人难以置信,

  The way things 9)work themselves out 一切都迎刃而解。

  It's all emotional 让人感动,

  When you know 10)what it's all about 如果你了解所有这一切。

  And it's undesirable for us to be apart 我们不应该分开,

  We never 11)would have 12)made it very far 我不会远离你。

  'Cause You know 因为你知道

  You've got the 13)keys to my heart 你找到了打开我心门的钥匙。

  One you're like a dream come true 一,你就像美梦成真,

  Two just want to be with you 二,就是想和你厮守。

  Three girl it's plain to see 三,很明显,

  That you're the only one for me 你就是我的唯一。

  Four repeat steps one through three 四,这三种感受越来越深刻。

  Five, make you fall in love with me 五, 要你与我共坠爱河。

  If ever I beleive my work is done 如果我能做到,

  Then I'll start it back at one 我的美梦就能成真。

  Say 14)farewell to the dark of night 对这漫漫长夜说声再见,

  I see the coming of the sun 我看见了初升的朝阳。

  I 15)feel like a little child 我觉得我像个小孩子,

  My life has just begun 生命才刚刚开始。

  You came and 16)breathed new life 你来到了我的身边,

  Into this lonely heart of mine 为我孤独的心灵注入了生气。

  You threw out the 17)lifeline 你来的正是时候,

  Just 18)in the nick of time 向我抛出了救生索。


 抒情英文金曲欣赏:梦想成真(图)  - 乔妮 - On My Way

  There are many words used to describe Brian McKnight. Singer. Songwriter. Arranger. Producer. Perhaps the word that best sums up Brian is one that is simple, but frequently mis-used. Musician. Brian McKnight is a musician. Not a programmer. Or a sequencer. Or a personality. In an age of fly by night celebrities and flashy flashes in the pan, Brian McKnight has maintained an artistic excellence because he is a musician: one who has created music for everyone from Quincy Jones to Boyz II Men.

  Brian McKnight grew up in a family where music came naturally. He was a member of the church choir along with his immediate family; his grandfather was the director. With a gospel upbringing, McKnight explored other genres of music. Still in his early teens, he exercised his writing ambitions by penning instrumentals (soft jazz, easy listening). He formed a band and began performing his originals at local venues. By the age of 18, McKnight had secured a publishing deal. His calling to the national scene manifested itself when his older brother Claude and the group he was a member of, Take 6, signed a recording contract with a major label.

  In addition to being a singer, McKnight is a songwriter, multi-talented musician, arranger, and producer. The success he has achieved as producer and songwriter on his own projects has facilitated his popularity as a producer and songwriter for other artists. However, the Buffalo native retained the services of hip-hop producer Sean "Puffy" Combs on the release of his 1997 CD Anytime, which features the club-flavored single "You Should Be Mine." A Christmas album, Bethlehem, followed in 1998, and a year later McKnight returned with Back at One.

  Brian McKnight, the debut album, wasn't released until 1992, three years after the signing. The album, a critical and commercial triumph, yielded the smash single "One Last Cry." Brian's production work with Vanessa Williams on her Comfort Zone sessions was widely praised.

  Great art is rare. And Brian McKnight is the rarest of artists -- a stunningly accomplished musician whose greatest accomplishment is the natural wonder of his voice.

 抒情英文金曲欣赏:梦想成真(图)  - 乔妮 - On My Way

  一首抒情经典“Back At One”蝉联流行单曲榜亚军达8周之久、多次葛莱美奖提名、一座全美音乐奖、一座百视达巨星奖以及一座 NAACP形象奖和灵魂列车音乐奖最佳男歌手殊荣,这就是被誉为巧克力情歌手的Brian McKnight。

  Brian McKnight于1969年6月5日出生于美国纽约市, 全家人都是当地教堂唱诗班的成员,祖父更是担任指挥。 在这种宗教信仰的熏陶下,Brian McKnight从中了解到了其他音乐知识, 很小就开始尝试写一些简单的曲子,并组织了自己的乐队,并且开始在本地演出。 18岁时加入了哥哥Claude所在的Take 6乐团,与唱片公司签约出专辑。Brian Mcknight还曾经在音乐与篮球间徘徊不定, 但最终出于对音乐的忠爱,当然还是放弃了篮球。

  Mercury Records总裁Ed Eckstine非常欣赏他的嗓音, 并在两个星期内与签约,推出单曲《The Way Love Goes》。此首单曲在Billboard R&B榜上停留了19周,最高升至第十一位。之后与黑人女歌手Vanessa Williams合作的《Love Is》,虽然在R&B榜上无名, 但在流行榜上却夺下季军位置。

  1995年, Brian McKnight推出第二张专辑《I Remember You》,其中有5首单曲都打进Billboard R&B榜前20。 这时Brian McKnight已确立了自己在乐坛的地位。 在发行了登上全美销售榜前20位的第三张专辑《Anytime》后,Brian McKnight转投至著名黑人音乐唱片Motown Records,并推出了圣诞专辑《Bethlehem》。 随后在1999年推出了大受欢迎的《Back at One》,专辑在短短几周内就攀升到全美销售榜亚军的宝座。

  去年他又推出了《Superhero》,依旧是非常成功的。如果你喜欢R&B,如果你喜欢黑人那浑厚美妙的嗓音,就听听巧克力情歌圣手Brian McKnight的声音吧!


 抒情英文金曲欣赏:梦想成真(图)  - 乔妮 - On My Way


  2. How I used to say That I'd fall never,这句话乍一看不太好理解,如果补全的话,就是How I used to say that I'd never fall in love。这样大家就很明白了。

  3.Then let me show就是Then let me show you how I feel。

  4. for real 这个词组在口语当中很常用。表示“严肃地;认真地”,相当于seriously。例如:This isn't a practice game; we're playing for real. 这可不是在练习,我们是在认真地比赛。I don't think her tears were for real. 我觉得她的眼泪不是真的。

  5. If all things in time补全了就是If all things will come in time。 in time 除了表示“及时”之外,还可以表示“迟早,最后”,相当于sooner or later,或者是eventually,例如:You'll learn how to do it in time. 你早晚都会学会的。

  6. 这里的one, two, three, four, five,我想象呢就是歌者闭上眼睛数了5个数,祈祷梦想成真,睁开眼后深爱的人就会出现在身边与他共度一生。

  7. 这里的through表示“从开始到结束”。Repeat steps one through thre就是从一再数到三,感受更加深刻。

  8. work这里可不是指工作,work is done是说“让你爱上我之后”。start back表示返“动身返回”。两个人相爱后,厮守在一起,梦想也就成真了。

 抒情英文金曲欣赏:梦想成真(图)  - 乔妮 - On My Way

  9. work out表示“按某种方式发展,结果”。例如:Things worked out quite well. 事情的结果很不错。那么things work themselves out,就是不用费力,一切都会迎刃而解。Work out 还表示“运动,锻炼”,例如:I work out regularly to keep fit.我定期锻炼身体保持健康。

  10. what it's all about,所有的一切,在口语中如果加强语气,说What's this all about? 就是在生气的质问,“这到底是怎么回事?”

  11. would have done something,是一种虚拟语气,表示“应该不会...”。

  12. made it very far当中的it应该指两个人之间的感情。

  13. the key to something,就是开启某物的钥匙,一定要注意跟key联用的是介词to。key还可以表示“关键;答案”,比如大家都很熟悉的answer key就是“答案要点”。再比如:Diet and exercise are the key to good health. 合理的食物搭配和适当的运动是好身体的关键。

  14. farewell,表示“再见”,是比较正是的用法。可以说say farewell or bid farewell to sb./sth. 跟某人某物说再见。

  15. feel like something,这里表示“感觉像...”,feel like还是“想要或想要做某事”的意思。例如:I feel like a drink. 我想喝点东西。We'll go for a walk if you feel like it. 你愿意的话,咱们就去散散步。

  16. breathe something into somebody or something,表示“让某人某物充满某种感情”,例如:The new manager has breathed fresh life into the company. 新经理给公司带来了朝气。

  17. lifeline, 救生索,也指“深海潜水员的信号绳”。还可以抽象地指“生命线,命脉”。

  18. nick,指“小缺口,刻痕”,in the nick of time,表示“刚来得及,在最后时刻”,You got here in the nick of time – the train's just leaving. 你来得真是时候,火车正要开呢。

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